Have you had trouble navigating your passion and career choices?

Have you had trouble navigating your passion and career choices?

Most of us have asked ourselves what we want to do when we ‘grow up’ and the response is one that continues to evolve years later. Is the work we do driven by our education (or lack thereof) , passion, talent, the available jobs or the salary at the end of the month?


For a long time, the Uganda education system has been stagnant, with emphasis on specific subjects where the main aim is to pass examinations and get promoted to the next class. There is often little space to explore one’s passions and extra curricular activities are often undervalued.


For instance, at university level, public institutions usually require one to provide 6 choices for proposed study programs. In most cases, the preferred program is selected by the university. This is aside from other factors like parental influence and level of income, among others.


After university, if we are lucky enough to find work associated with the course pursued, the reality of it does not always match the expectations.

Where is the space for the individuals who don’t obtain a university degree? How do we pursue our passions and earn a decent living? Do we take on jobs by day and pursue our passion by night? What does success ultimately look like to you?

All of these are questions that vary from one individual to another and we would have created a platform to discuss at length.

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