The Angaza Resource Centre: A Year of Bridging Educational Gaps in Kibuli 

A year ago, on July 1st 2023, the 40 Days Over 40 Smiles Foundation (4040) launched the Angaza Resource Centre (ARC) in Kibuli.

The project aimed at bridging educational gaps in the area, particularly for children who attend schools which lack facilities such as computer labs, libraries and other resources that support and promote learning.

The Centre comprises a computer lab and a library equipped with computers, storybooks, text books, games and learning aids. A team of qualified teachers facilitate reading, literacy and life skills sessions and provide computer training to the learners, teachers and young people from Kibuli and other surrounding communities.  

Esther Kalenzi, the 4040 Team Leader says that the construction of the resource centre was born out of the Angaza Outreach Programme in partner schools where gaps were observed. The Foundation mobilised funds to set up the Resource Centre to bring the necessary resources closer to the community. 

“When we visited different schools, one of the first things we noticed was that they had no libraries. A few had small shelves to store some books in the Head Teacher’s office. We started to discuss ways in which we could provide learning resources that could serve both in and out of school children within Makindye Division. This is how the Angaza Resource Centre dream was born.” Kalenzi noted.

Bridging Educational Gaps in Kibuli and Surrounding Areas

Since its inception, the Angaza Resource Centre has partnered with 4 schools; Quentin and Merowa Junior Schools, Vallerian Primary School and Hope Shammah Junior School.

Thus far, over 200 children use the computer lab and library weekly and have received basic training in ICT alongside literacy and life skills. This has improved their computer proficiency, reading,  comprehension and spelling skills as attested by the learners and teachers.

“I learned how to read, spell better, search for work on the computer and I have made new friends.” Rachael Nassali (not real name), a Primary 4 learner at Merowa Junior School, shared her excitement.

children from Valerian Primary School during ICT sessions at the ARC

In the spirit of strengthening reading amongst the children, the Centre hosted its first D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) Day in March 2024 and invited different guests including Siima Sabiti, Faith Mulungi, Kareem Katuramu, Hermione Nakabugo, Kato Katende, Tracy Kababiito and Isaac Munanira to read to the children in a week-long series. All these efforts were aimed at improving literacy and increasing the love for reading.

Holiday Programme for Teenagers

With the new competence-based/learner-centred curriculum in secondary skills, research is a key skill which can be facilitated through access to computers and books. The ARC has held two holiday programmes for teenagers from the community to build their computer competencies, and provide a safe space for reading and interaction with their peers. 30 youngsters have been reached with the programme and here are some testimonials.

Mirembe Rahmah who attended the Holiday Programme in May said, “Angaza Resource Centre is a good place for anyone because it welcomes every person young or teenager, they are all welcomed and learning is for free because they are trying to make our generation a better one.”

 “The Angaza Resource Centre Community is like a family to me because it has helped me be a chess champion to have skills and knowledge of using ICT and also to know who I am. One day, Teacher Ritah and Teacher Gloria taught us about being hardworking, persistent, and resilient, having love for one another, respect, empathy, and honesty and also, they taught us to have integrity. The Angaza Resource Centre has really done a great job concerning my studies and personal growth. Therefore, I conclude by saying “long live the Angaza Resource Centre Community.” Akankwasa Isaiah

Some of the teenagers that participated in the holiday programme

Empowering Teachers

The Centre’s impact extends beyond the learners to their stewards. It has also been instrumental in training teachers in learner-centred education. This professional development has enabled educators to deliver more effective and engaging lessons, significantly improving the quality of sessions delivered to children.

So far, we have conducted three trainings; phonics, Early Grade Reading Assessment and Resource Making which have been attended by  35 primary teachers, all in an effort to build their capacity in creatively delivering lessons to the children.  

Teachers from our partner schools attend the Early Grade Assessment Training

Teacher Nasali Alazia from Merowa Junior School noted that she had learned the proper pronunciation of words, a challenge that many teachers and learners face. “I have learned proper pronunciation and different sounds, which I look forward to implementing in my class,” she said.

10 teachers have received ICT training to better support their learners as well as and also use the skills in their professional lives.

The Future

The Foundation looks forward to expanding its reach and impact. Plans are underway to equip the Centre with more computers and reading materials, to further enhance the learning experience for the children.

“We are committed to making the Angaza Resource Centre a hub of educational support and excellence. We encourage parents and the community to continue supporting and utilising the Centre to its fullest potential,” says Gloria Mbabazi, Head of the ARC.

4040 also plans to expand to other communities; this will not only be in the form of physical centres but also the provision of books and learning aids via mobile libraries and offering relevant training to educators.

The Angaza Resource Centre’s first year has been a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together with a shared vision. As we celebrate this milestone, we remain dedicated to our mission of providing resources which improve the children’s quality of education.

The establishment of the Angaza Resource Centre was a collective effort. Funded through crowdfunding donations from supporters, and friends, and grants from partners such as Segal Family Foundation and Merck Foundation. Volunteers have also played a crucial role in maintaining and running the Centre, ensuring its sustainability and continuous impact.

“We have been blessed with an incredible support system. From the struggle to find land to the tiring work of fundraising, it was all easier to manage because of the amazing team at 4040, as well as our wonderful supporters and partners.” Esther Kalenzi- Team Lead, 4040.

Although we have made some strides, we continue to work towards operating at full capacity. We still have an inadequate number of computers and chairs which limit our reach. . Additionally, we lack some essential textbooks and learning aids such as charts and games.

Do consider donating gently used items such as computers, textbooks, storybooks, games and puzzles, a projector, and educational charts for children. Your support will help us provide a better learning environment and reach more children in need. 

You can also donate any amount that you are able to via mobile money on 0776 840 407/0757 140407, DCFU Bank on account number 01083551658354 under the name Forty Days Over 40 Smiles Foundation, or online via Global Giving.

For further information, reach out to us via 0776 840407/0757 140 407, or visit our website,

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