Benjamin Rukwengye on Navigating Passion and Career Choices

On May 18th, 2024, 40 Days over 40 Smiles Foundation(4040) hosted this year’s first #4040Hangout at Multitech Business School. The theme was “Navigating Passion and Career Choices.”

The event aimed at helping young people to reflect on their lives while providing some insight into how they can select their professions alongside staying true to their passions.

Benjamin Rukwengye, the Founder and CEO of Boundless Minds was the guest speaker.
Boundless Minds is dedicated to mentoring and guiding young people in their career paths.
His discussion hinged on his work experience  from the organisations, alongside other leadership paths on his journey, which include 4040.

Tips for navigating passion and career choices

During the session, Benjamin delved into practical strategies. These include;

While nurturing one’s passions or building a rewarding career, it is important to understand oneself as it helps with making informed choices.

Rukwengye emphasized the importance of leveraging acquired skills to build sustainable careers. However, he encouraged volunteers not to solely focus on their passions but to use their diverse skill sets to find and excel in various career paths. 

“Don’t just focus on your passion. Use the different skills you’ve attained to find and excel in your careers,” he advised.

He also added that turning passion into a career can sometimes feel burdensome, and building a community of like-minded individuals can be incredibly beneficial.

The guest speaker stressed the significance of setting clear and achievable goals. He highlighted the necessity of relying on support systems and mentors for personal and professional growth. “Achieving certain goals is important, and you should rely on the support offered by those around you,” he remarked, underscoring the value of community in one’s journey.

On addressing the common challenge of procrastination, Rukwengye urged the participants to plan their days effectively. “Avoid procrastination, and ensure you plan your day before deciding to do anything,” he suggested.
This advice resonated with the attendees.

He highlighted the importance of using acquired skills to build a sustainable career. “It is crucial to use the different skills you have gained to find and excel in your careers,” he advised, stressing that passion alone is not enough.

Reflecting on the conversation, participants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to learn from Rukwengye’s journey. Many noted that the session had given them new perspectives on how to approach their career paths and the confidence to pursue their passions more deliberately.

The 4040 Hangout serves as a platform for meaningful engagement and learning, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to volunteer development. Events like these empower volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate their career paths while staying true to their passions.
You can check out the incredible work of Boundless Minds here 

By Barbra Mercy Leni
Communications and Marketing Department 4040

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