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Applications are closed for volunteers looking for a placement at 40 days over 40 smiles Foundation.

After recruitment, the minimum duration for volunteering is 6 months although one can remain with the organisation for years, as they rise through the ranks.
Positions are usually under;

  1. Angaza School Programme (Description)
  2. Angaza Resource Centre (Description)
  3. Communications and Marketing (Description)
  4. Fundraising and Partnerships (Description)
  5. Finance and Operations (Description)

All applicants select their desired area for volunteering based on passion, skill and experience.


  • Hands-on training in your area of interest.
  • Group and peer to peer coaching and mentorship.
  • Leadership training and opportunities.
  • A wide network of 4040 at your disposal.
  • Awards and recognition for outstanding volunteers.
  • Recommendations and support for career growth.
  • Directly participating in community development.

For more information,

Call/whatsapp :0776840407 / 075140407 


Solomon Raymond Kiggundu
Volunteer Coordinator

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